RJ Brudenell (azoth) wrote,
RJ Brudenell

Drugs Glorious Drugs!

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I don't like exposing myself. I certainly don't like telling people that I'm weak. However, I put my pride aside today when I saw my neurologist. I laid things on the line and pointed out that I don't like feeling the way I do when my brain goes into meltdown. He listened and he asked what he could do. Turning the question back on him, I said I wasn't sure, what can you do?

Turns out he can send me to a secret experimental bunker deep underneath the deserts of Milton Keynes where they'll pump me full of Gamma Rays, thus turning me into an angry, green giant with a penchant for smashing cars and saving the world. I fuck you not! Well, it'll be something similar. Six months of intensive drug treatment, six months of detox. Try it and see sort of situation.

In fact, that's where we left it. He's referring me to a headache clinic where they have access to new and experimental techniques. My letter is already in the post...
Tags: art, brain doctor

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