RJ Brudenell (azoth) wrote,
RJ Brudenell

Walkers & Nutella

Click for bigger!

I'm a dirty boy, and I'm going to food Hell. But is it really my fault that Walkers Ready Salted taste so good when they're dipped in Nutella? Reminds me of the days when you could still buy chocolate pretzels in the UK, a delight you can naturally still purchase in the US. *cough* Christmas *cough*

Not only does she want to rob me of my salty, chocolaty goodness, but the UK also wants to deny me my mail. Despite the postal strikes I did receive a copy of the letter sent from my neurologist to the headache clinic. One of the drugs he has suggested is Methysergide. I've been reading some very good feedback on it, but the whole 'molecular match to LSD' thing makes me giggle somewhat. I think I'm already pretty messed up as things stand, and throwing hallucinogens in the mix is surely just asking for tin foil underpants.

Speaking of. If you wanted to go to The Crown tonight, Scabz, then I guess it can be arranged. I've been up all night painting though and, like a dick, I forgot to take my medications until 6am so I might not wake until... How about you call the land line and get someone to poke me with a stick? That might work out easier?
Tags: art, methysergide, nutella
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