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Today is my Dad's birthday. He's still living in Puerto Plata and surprise! he didn't call. I considered calling him, but by the time I'd been connected and put through to him it would've already cost £20. I'll head on over to the library later and send him an email; say sorry for not calling or somesuch.

Anyways, back to my day. Lecture from Sally Freshwater this morning on how to go about getting commissions - something we'd heard before on the site specific project, but it was interesting all the same. Shame some of the other kids aren't intelligent enough to grasp how important this stuff is. Still, I'm sure it'll hit home when they're dishing out those Mac 'n' Fries. Too mean?

Went to Watford this avvo avec Abby and Nadine. Although given that they pissed off and left me in Topshop they might as well have gone alone; I'm pretty sure Nadine wouldn't have minded my absence. Found them a few stores down looking angry that I'd interrupted their shopping. Perhaps a touch paranoid? Ah, no. Abby politely informed me that they'd decided leave me and come and do some shopping on their own. My only question at this point, why drag me away from my work and insist that I have to come along with you then? Cake and eat it?

Off I went. Quite a nice day out as it turns out; peaceful being the key element. Until I got home, that is. I'd barely taken off my coat before Abby had barged her way into my room demanding to see what I'd bought. Now, easy going as I am, this really wasn't okay with me, so I said: 'No.'

Jesus, you'd think I'd shit in her bed. And, forgive me for saying it, but isn't door slamming the artwork of the terrible teens? The best part, our rooms are next to each other, and I could hear her screeching: 'Fine! Fuck you then! Fuck you!' In her broken Aussie accent through the walls. Delightful.

Anyways, I sat there giggling as I unpacked my new clothes. I bought some shiny, new panties! Okay, they're snug boxers. But they're hella shiny! And white! And did I mention they shine? I'm wearing them now and they're V comfy. Comfort at a cost though. I spent far too much money. Although I did spend a few minutes talking to the guy in Topman and, even though I don't have their card, he gave me the 15% discount. So how could I not buy the shiny pants? And the black trousers. And the T-Shirt...

Tempt me not! I held out in Boots though. The Matrix sunglasses which have taunting me for the past few weeks didn't make it into my bag of goodies. Even though I do look awesome in them. Dark green lenses, copper black frames with tiny bits of mechanical detailing. Nice, but not worth the cash.

Fisherman's Pie for tea. Had stand in the rank, sweaty little kitchen whilst I made it, listening to Abby and Nadine's playful banter. Strange how I'm just not in the mood for it these days. Thankfully mother rang and I escaped.

We talked about father. He hadn't called either of us. We spoke about me living in the shit hole I've come to call home; with the dirty, lazy creatures who seem to know no different. We decided I should escape ASAP. Also, I should think about moving back into halls for my final year. That, or move in with a house full of strangers. After all, familiarity certainly does breed contempt.

She hung up when I told her the bleach on my hair was eating into my scalp. Bless, I think she's missing me again.

Hair is very white! White and shiny like my pants! Ace!

Did loads more work. Was only disturbed once; think they're gradually getting the message.

Watched 'Funny Games'; finally. It's definitely a bit wrong. Not as bad as the review in Bizarre made out, however. Still, crappy ending. Must be a European thing. Make a weird with lots of death and nudity (thanatos & eros) and give it a shitty ending that leaves the viewer assuming that it must've been V deep. Or perhaps I'm just jaded? Perhaps both?

Either way, it's sleep time. Tomorrow is a Wednesday and therefore a lazy, sleep until 10 day. Until then.
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