RJ Brudenell (azoth) wrote,
RJ Brudenell

I Lied, I'm a Big Dirty Liar.

Okay, it was actually a quarter to four before I properly dragged myself out of my pit. But, to be fair, the neighbours, making the sex, did wake me at sixish.

Barely a chance to pee and shower before there's a knocking on my door. Oh, lookee, it's Nadine come to return the milk she 'borrowed' last week. Maybe getting arsey with her the other night is the way forward? Perhaps I should get arsey about the bathroom? Once again it was down to me to throw away the empty shower gel containers and the used up toilet paper tubes. And don't even get me started on the Fish Bin! Seriously, if I was a girl, I'd die of embarrassment if I ever thought my male housemate had to clean out my used tampons. Wait, scratch that shit. I wouldn't even leave my used tampons in the fucking bathroom! The Fish Bin is the dirtiest contrivance I've ever been subjected to. And, having the room next to the bathroom on those balmy Summer evenings... kinda reminds me of living in a fishing town.

Wait. Why has she left four pints of milk in my bedroom? Not that the damn fridge works. Just another reason to escape this hole.

ASDA! Beautiful ASDA! Cool and refreshing and clean. So very clean. Sitting in the entrance eating V healthy salad and juice. Don't look in my bags though, lots of junk food to sustain me in the studio this afternoon. And Diet Coke. I almost went a whole day without the damn stuff. Okay, a whole hour. Don't look at me like that!

I know a lot more about pears than I did ten minutes ago. Been speaking to Nicola, or Nic as she prefers, in the fruit aisle. She's an expert in the field, if you'll pardon the wording. Pears. Big, juicy pears. As you can imagine, keeping a straight face was nigh on impossible with the filth my brain was streaming at me. It was like a scene right out of Viz.

Long afternoon in the studio. Productive though. Washed my clothes when I got back in. Didn't manage to get the watercolour out of my fave top, however. Must start wearing black when I'm working. Currently looks like I've been stabbed.

House reeks of McD's again. Funny, there was a time when they wouldn't have gone without me, but now it seems I'm the new Dominic; pariah of the house. Colour me gutted. Seems like I can't do a single thing right these days. Well, that's since I stopped jumping through hoops. I think the down-slide really started when I stopped cooking Abby's dinner for her. Things sort of spiraled from there. The weird thing is, I actually don't care. Let's go watch 'Divine David' instead!

Now maybe some sleep. Got Grace in the morning and then I'll be showing the new kids around the campus! Should be loads of fun, and the cash will be a huge boost. Abby was supposed to be helping out tomorrow, wonder if there'll be a friendly knock on my door in the morning?
Tags: hatfield

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