RJ Brudenell (azoth) wrote,
RJ Brudenell

Friendly Knockers

Stunned! Well, it was no huge surprise when there wasn't the usual 'friendly knock' on my door this morning. Instead, we all got a strained silence and an extended bus journey all the way around Hatfield Garden Village. A journey which was only helped by the presence of Dominic, of all people.

Anyhoo, we got to the lecture, did all of the social, smiling, happy shit (it was Angela's birthday so I stopped to chat) and then it was just me and Abby sat in silence, waiting for our guy to show up. Ten minutes in, Jane appears from nowhere and Abby suddenly remembers she's got a tongue. Go figure.

Thankfully the wait wasn't too long. Don't think Abby was pleased though, looks like I got more work than her. Probably my fault; too charming for my own good.

The first group of kids were great. Nervous as hell, so I broke the ice straight away by taking them into the model making department; which is always a winner. Have to admit, I'd been feeling a bit weird about the whole day, but after that first group it came naturally.

Only one mild hiccup half-way through the day. Was taking a group of really young kids through the fine art deptartment when we stumbled into a life drawing class. Not a big surprise in an art school, you might think? Think again. Picture a double bed. Picture a septuagenarian couple posed atop said bed. Picture me, in full flow, walking around the corner and then clamming up completely at the horror of the sight. Picture the poor kids with me! Took them all to the bar; stat! Most had never seen nudes like that. I'd scarred them. For life. Least I could do was buy them a drink.

Rest of the day gone by in a blur. Girl gave me her phone number. Was embarrassing given that she was about 12 (okay, maybe 17). Now sitting in the LRC eating bad microwave food washed down with soda, whilst I talk to Sarah about her maybe transferring here next year. Would be pretty strange having Nottingham friends here. Strange, but good.

Home. If that's what you can call this place. Dominic says it's funny now that I'm an outcast like him. He's been filling me in on all the venom that Abby's been spewing about me whilst I've been out of the house. Part of me isn't surprised, after all, she talks crap about everyone else. But another part of me thought that maybe I was exempt from that one particular character trait. Once again, though, I can't help but feel that it's all going over my head. I don't even see her as a person anymore, let alone a friend.

Maudlin moment over. Slap me if I try it again.

I keep seeing grey pubes! Funny, when I think of grey pubes I always think of Jill. Not that she has any, it's just... from conversations we had long ago. Must write her and tell her about the old people today. She'll appreciate the horror. Must try and get her to visit again too. Although we'll try to avoid the campus Mafia next time she's down. Ergh, what was that green stuff they were trying to feed us? Looked like mushy peas and pita bread. Mind you, what else do you eat when someone's recently slit your throat?

Prawn cocktail. No, not a suggestion for slit throats. There's prawn cocktail in our fridge, the fridge that doesn't work. The smell is nasty! Reminds me of the Fish Bin upstairs. I just feel sorry for the person who's going to be eating it because it's certainly gone bad. Scratch that. I have no sympathy. I smell that Fish Bin in my dreams!

Speaking of dreams. Must do some. Been a long one today. Must make sure I catch the right bus tomorrow. Don't want to be touring the arse end of Hatfield again. Wait, isn't Hatfield all arse end? Must ponder this...
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