RJ Brudenell (azoth) wrote,
RJ Brudenell


Has anybody in Europe noticed the snow? This morning summed up the 'snow situation' in under 15 seconds:

ME: I need to pee.
THEM: Then go pee?
ME: My penis is cold :(

So, um, yeah. Not enjoying that. Although the snow remains entrancing to the eyes. I shall now commence with the obligatory 'OMG! SNOWS!' photo... or two.

I love how unimpressed Black Cat is. Mind you, this is his 22nd winter, so I guess he's seen it all before. Although I do fondly recall the days when he cried at the snow because he want to KILL IT.

Okay, it's way too cold to sit here typing. I'm off to... warm up.
Tags: black cat, snow
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