RJ Brudenell (azoth) wrote,
RJ Brudenell

Draw a picture of Grandad.

Robert Brudenell, as drawn by Immi Brudenell

Immi (3½): "Do you remember when Grandad was alive and he used to lift me over his head?"


Dad has had another knockback, in the form of a chest infection. He took about a week to shift it, but was then hit by another 'mystery' infection. He was started on intravenous antibiotics first thing this morning, and he's already back on the mend.

Nottinghamshire Social Services have been pestering us to move Dad into a neurorehabilitation unit. They claimed that he'll be fully funded, but then added a sly 'for now' under their breath. It's another external pressure that I could certainly do without. Especially when the Critical Care team are telling us that Dad won't be going anywhere for a good long while.

I also need to broach the whole NHS Continuing Care option, which has been happily glossed over. It feels as though they want to bully us into signing Dad up for a private care home, and then dump us with the bill after a few months.
Tags: dad, locked-in syndrome

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