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My mates from Uni came to stay for the weekend. I've decided that rather than boring you with a list of all the things we did i'd give you a running total of the booze consumed last night. I had: a pint of Guinness in the Pit and Pendulum, 3 bottles of Smirnoff Ice and 2 bottles of Bud whilst we watched Moulin Rouge, a pint of Guinness in The Chequers, a bottle of Becks in The Bell, a pint of Guinness Extra Cold in the Trip to Jerusalem, a pint of John Smith's and half of Ryan's Becks in the trusty Pit and Pendulum and then 3 bottles of warm Rolling Rock in Rock City. Yum!

I found it a little strange when I woke up feeling perfectly fine this morning. Although cleaning up runny cat poop wasn't really all that good for my stomach! Anyways. Here's a shot that sums up the aftermath of last night...

Oh, and some invaluable advice:

Oh, and i'd also like to say sorry to all those who tried to reach me MSN. I was a fool and left it running when I buggered off out. Sorry! I love you! I wasn't just being an ignorant bitch... honest!

Right, I'm off to bathe for a long time...
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