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Forty wet eleven year olds...

I just got a call from Angela. She's on school camp somewhere in the heart of Wales. It's been raining all day and the kids are bored as hell. She asked me what they could do for entertainment...

She asked -me- of all people how to keep a group of kids entertained. I suppose it's mainly due to the fact that I think like a kid. What would I want to do if I were a bored wet, child? Well, burning stuff would be fun. Every kid likes a good camp fire. Or a water fight - hell can they get any wetter? Or maybe let them loose in the kitchen? That's the great thing about kids that age, make them think they're doing something 'responsible' and 'grown-up' such as cooking dinner, and they'll try their hardest to impress - whereas in reality you're just too damn lazy to do it yourself.

Aah, your own troupe of kitchen-bitches... Nice!
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