RJ Brudenell (azoth) wrote,
RJ Brudenell

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Whore -

Hello, fluffy-lings! How are we all today? I'm feeling especially perky! All those who actually know me will realise that this isn't a normal personality trait and most of them will be finding somewhere warm and damp to hide till it passes. For all those still 'glued' to the screen i'd like to present the climax of last night's show. Brace yourselves:

! touch it !

Oh, my. I am so the boy-slut! Still, a bit of tit never did any harm. Am I right, Kitty? Kitty lurves the titty almost as much as her clitty! Am I right? Hmmm, she's probably still masturbating in her box. She's a bit like a tortoise in that respect. And whilst you fathom the reasoning behind that I'll piss off...
Tags: boobs, nipple

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