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It's my party and i'll cry if I want to!

I just spent my birthday in the cinema! Literally. We went to see Seven Samurai at The Broadway. After that we headed to the Pit and Pendulum for booze followed by Italian food. Then went to watch The Two Towers. A total of 8 hours sat on my ass staring at things. Nice!

Great day! Plus, I got some cool toys thrown in. What more could ya want?!

Right, thanks to everyone who sent me emails, texts, cards, bits of their body. It was greatly appreciated! A special thanks to Rottensick for the top up to my LJ account. Totally unexpected! *grins happily*

Going to bed now. Had to take migraine medicine. Too much fun. Elijah Wood's eyeballs 3 feet wide! Too scary! About to pass out... night all... weeeeeee
Tags: birthday, cinema

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