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I've been at the hospital all day with my Mother. She was having the biopsy to discern the status of her cancer.

Hospitals suck ass in the fun department. No mobile phones and no digital devices... erm, I guess that rules out my camera, right? Bastards! I wanted to take pictures of the scaberous wounds and legions all around me. Jesus! It was like Dawn of the Dead!

This old guy sat on the seat next to me had a dressing on his head that, according to the blonde lady, needed changing. Too fucking right it need changing! It smelt of dead things and was leaking yellow shit down the side of his face. Did I want to puke? You're damn right I did! Puke or lick one of his dribbles I'm none too sure. Whenever I see stuff like that I always wonder what it'd taste like?

It's my own fault for having an accute sense of smell. Mmmm, gotta love that tang on manky wounds...

Speaking of manky wounds my Mother had hers frozen. It was all very dramatic. This bottle of :stuff: in a black holster was brought in and liberally applied to the diseased area of her face. It was like T2 where he gets frozen... cool stuff. Smelt nasty though. But strangely enough I had no desire to lick it. Probably best...

I'm going for a haircut now.
Tags: cancer, destruction, hospital, ooze

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