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Friday, i'm in love...

I drove down to Oxford on Thursday; into the West. The exhibition was due to be taken down on the Saturday so Angela booked me for her school on Friday as a Visiting Artist. This involved me getting up at a ridiculously early hour and then standing infront of her 6th Form trying to remember exactly what my work was all about. It wasn't much fun for the first 10 minutes but after the first hour things fell into place and I was back in the swing of things.

As the day went on I did a whole range of mini-projects. The first being digital photos which we then manipulated in Photoshop. This was the first problem! They only had version 5 Limited Edition on their satan-spawned Macs. Not good considering the fact I've only ever used a Mac to surf the net with and now I was supposed to demonstate my skills on what amounts to nothing more than a pretty desktop ornament. Not only were these things chocked full of shite software but they were also seriously low on memory... Nightmare! Thank God for the break! All praise the caffeine!

After the break, and the very skanky staff toilets, we did some work with lighting; which basically saw me managing to destroy everything that their current photography tutor had taught them. It's good to learn the correct usage of lights and such, but you also need to learn to go beyond the rules, otherwise you stifle. I merely showed them the way... *ahem*

In the afternoon, after my first school dinner in 10 years, we did some simple printing using oiled photocopies to create photograms. Not ground breaking, I warrant, but considering the state of their fully stocked dark room I was determined to make good use of it! Rape the dark room of the posh school shall be the whole of the law!

Aside from talking about my work I also spent a lot of time talking to the students on a one-2-one basis about their work. As I looked at their sketchbooks I noticed they seemed to be a little lost so I offered a few things that they might consider trying and artists they might want to look at. I even indulged a few of them with some of my 'secret techniques'. Overall they seemed to enjoy it. I did too.

Friday night was spent slumped infront of 'Say It isn't So' consuming wine. I was seriously exhausted and an early night was called for...
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