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The Woman in ASDA -

It's very rare that I meet genuinely nice people. Today I did. I was standing in the queue at ASDA Walmart waiting for the woman in front of me to get her ass into gear and pack her shopping. I'm terribly patient. I'd stand and wait all day for some random stranger to pack each item with due care and attention. I'd do that. But as I was standing there I felt a bit foreboding, felt that I might be pressuring her to hurry. I hate that feeling. So, I began to weigh up the Kinder Eggs on the shelf. You have to weigh them. It's the law...

The woman infront of me took ages, but to be perfectly honest I didn't care. I'm walking around in a daze lately and it was nice just standing there. Anyways, the woman finished and it was my turn. The girl behind the counter, about 30ish, said: 'Hello' as her training dictates and I greeted her in return. She asked if I wanted any help packing and I declined. She scanned, I packed. It was over in a few minutes. I payed by card and she asked me to check the amount and sign. It was at that moment that I felt it. Something clicked inside when she looked at me. I knew she was a genuinely lovely person. I don't know how? I just knew. She kind of felt it too. There was a weird kind of everything stopped moment ... and then it all came rushing back. I said thanks and left. She said Goodbye but it was a weird, what the hell just happened kind of Bye. Broken and confused sounding, yet backed by a smile.

I like moments like that.
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