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Family News

My Gran spent the past two days in surgery. On Monday she had an 18cm ovarian tumour removed.

The tumour was fused to the surrounding tissue and it ruptured whilst it was being excised. She completely bled out and was given 9 pints of transfused blood. They had to call for a cardiovascular surgeon to find and remedy the source of the bleed.

She also had 3 tumours in her bowels. The section of the bowels containing the tumours has been removed.

They didn't close her.

On Tuesday the surgeon removed the packing but, unfortunately, the bleed started again. He managed to stem the flow but my Gran went into shock.

She's now on full life support in the ICU. The surgeon confessed that one of the juniours had inserted a breathing tube incorrectly and has thus partially collapsed one of her lungs. She's on an oxygen intake of 79. The normal is between 40 and 50.

Things aren't looking particularly hopeful.
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