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I got lost in the hospital today. I don't know how but I ended up outside the children's ward on E Floor. E floor is devoted to cancer and terminal illness. The walls are all painted with magical scenes from fairytales and there's an enormous Sulley from Monsters Inc guarding the end of the corridor. I'm standing there next to Sulley trying to get my bearings when a bald headed kid, possibly a boy, comes tearing past me down the corridor. He was giggling hysterically as he proceeded to rub Sulley's tummy and then he was away again back down the corridor screaming maniacally. I stood there and began to wonder what the hell had just happened but my brain told me it'd probably be best not to think about it... just... go with it.

So, yeah. I eventually found my Gran. She didn't recognise me... which is always nice. I sat watching the traffic whilst she snored away the hours.

I got home at 8.30 and started to fix the plastic box. I was just starting to get annoyed when Mike called me. It was weird. Well, more unexpected than weird. Took my mind off things though, so, thanks. Bet the call cost a small fortune though.

Right, enough babble. I need some serious sleep.
Tags: cancer, grandmother, monsters inc, sulley

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