RJ Brudenell (azoth) wrote,
RJ Brudenell

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A dear departed friend

I've been arsing around with the camportal again. Adding a few new faces and deleting some of the old ones. I really should do something to pull the portal into line with the rest of the site... but... that involves effort. I'd rather sit in my chair and contemplate the dream I had last night. It was one of those end of the world dreams. It was quality viewing! You should've been there... really. Burning. I seem to recall there being a whole lot of burning. Actually I remember the whole thing in pixel perfect detail but I can't be arsed to write about it. See; lazy.

In other news: I spent the better part of the afternoon deleting random crap (read pornography) from my machine. It's now got a massive 31GB of free space. I wonder how long it'll take me to fill it back up though. After downloading 41 mp3s and 2 episodes of Buffy in the past hour i'm guessing not very long at all.

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