RJ Brudenell (azoth) wrote,
RJ Brudenell

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post haze hangover

It feels like there's cockroachs inside my head slowly eating my eyes. It's not pleasant. I've been out since 10am taking photos in the countryside. Sunlight really doesn't help... Ooooh, but I bought 2 new cameras. A 19th Century box camera that smells of old people and a mid 50's AGFA with a "sleek silver design". Nice!

They both need a bit of loving care but they seem to be in full working order. I really wanted to test the AGFA this afternoon but, since going digital, I don't have any rolls of film in the house. Damn. I just hope it's sunny tomorrow.

Right, i'm off to watch 8 Mile. It's just finished downloading. You've just gotta love that broadband.

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