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Hello Everybody!

So, yeah. It's 4 am and i'm hideously drunk. Not too drunk to use a computer but drunk enough to eat a chicken, cheese and coleslaw sandwich. I say sandwich, it's more like half a French stick. If you don't know what a French Stick is then you're just hairy. Erm, yeah.

Okeedokey. I'm drunk. Tonight I waited 1.5 hours for a bus and eventually one came. It's was full of fucktards and I had to spend over half an hour of my life conversing with them. The guy from Liverpool was cool but the old ladies upset me.

I'm currently very cold and very hungry (hence the 'sandwich') and i'm ludicrously horny. I want Paul, Rach and Ravana all rolled up in one big sticky mess in my bed... now!

Erm, so. I'm going to fuck off now and take some very hard drugs. Being prone to migraines means I need to spaz out on the heavy shit at the end of a good nights drinking. Kinda sucks. But that's my lot in life.

I shall bid you farewell and leave you with promises of photos in the morning. Hey! I might've even caught my own penis on film. Yay!

I guess we'll find out tomorrow.


*They're very nice boots by the way...*

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