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It's -*Rawk*- City

Yeah, shitty title I know but i'm still recovering from my binge. I posted the pictures from last night here. There were some good ones, some not so good ones and some that I refuse to post for fear of causing offence.

Anyways, go stare at them.

You can also go stare at this. It's another bandwidth draining site that seems to think it's fine to list me without permission. They have me listed on the front page under: News... which is... odd. I've never really considered myself as being newsworthy.

God, I hurt. Kind of an all over hurt... hmmmm, I think I pulled something last night... *snigger* Wait, that subtext's going to be lost on the US audience. Ah, well. I already know what's going through the mind of Kitty. But you're wrong. You deviant.

Right, well, i'm off to bed. Who's in?

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