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Pepto Bismol

My Gran came round for lunch yesterday. She brought her baby with her. That's the pet name she's given her distended 1 inch by 6 inch wound running from her navel to her groin. It was a fair enough day as they go, despite the fact that I was still a bit hungover.

We took her home around 7pm and she pretty much passed out right away. Then again we had been feeding her the 'special orange juice' (read: bucks fizz) so it's kind of understandable really.

Today the doctor from the Macmillan centre called to discuss Fridays appointment with the oncologist. My Gran has a secondary cancer spreading through the omentum. It was probably spawned when the original tumor ruptured during surgery. Unfortunately this one's isn't an operable cancer.

It's a weird feeling. I think about all that she's been through and yet she's back to square one. She mentioned yesterday that she's starting to feel a bit better. I guess in this case ignorance is bliss.

Apparently my Mum's taking her to Skegness next week. A classy locale if ever there was one. Still, if it makes her happy then that's all that matters right now.

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