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About Odd Situations

At the BBQ tonight, I found myself talking to a man about my somewhat unconventional habit of going blind. One of my friends had apparently mentioned something about it and he had quite a few questions. What made the exchange a touch unusual was the fact that he's blind.

His questions were trying to pin down the feeling I get when my sight fails. Having once been a sighted person, he remembers the day that his blindness struck as a pretty horrific event. Therefore, he had a hard time imagining going through the experience more than once.

Having described the typical migraine attack to him, he said that it sounded somewhat familiar. Except, of course, that his sight didn't return. After a slightly awkward pause, he laughed and said 'but at least I got a free dog out of it'.

By the Light

"Oh, bugger. I appear to have gone blind."

Last night, around ten in the evening, blindness struck once again. It started out as a spot in my vision, like when you accidentally look at a bulb. However, it soon spread and consumed my sight entirely.

It lasted for around an hour, during which the ancient wisdom of the doctors played over in my brain: 'Try to stay calm. The sooner you relax the sooner things will right themselves.'

It's certainly easier said than done. Laying there, in a world that has been reduced to a bright, white haze, the last thing you can do is coax yourself into relaxing.

Migraines are evil.